Board of directors

Laila Slim

Founder and Managing Director of TROPIFRAIS

Laila Slim

She is the founder and managing director of TROPIFRAIS. A dynamic and innovative professional with robust and diverse experience, an overview of Laila ’s career details an enviable record to achieve success in any pursuit she turns her attention to. Doing so with a personal charisma and infectious professional energy that has won her a leading reputation in her field.

Beginning her career 3 decades ago Laila rapidly built renown for devotion to her work, and to building strong working relationships with all those around her. Holding roles in factories for the production of electric cabling, plastic, dairy, and more.

Working across Angola and the West African region, and building an immense knowledge in the importing of goods and the distribution of them to major retailers like supermarket chains. Central to her success in these roles was her reliability and the capacity to build strong rapport and suppliers year by year.

As well as this, Laila’s acquired expertise in the fields of transit and logistics, with a focus on shipping companies and freight forwarders especially. This experience and acquired knowledge would ultimately come to serve as the foundation for creating TROPIFRAIS in 2013.

Today TROPIFRAIS operates day by day as an international trading and distribution company specialising in the global trading and distribution of fresh and dry food products. Founded with the unique vision of Laila at its core, TROPIFRAIS has grown while continuing to work closely with a diverse range of suppliers and major brands.