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Ali Saad
59 Woodlands Avenue , Sandton, Gauteng 2196, South Africa
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Unleashing Potential Yields of Africa

Upya is a Swahili word meaning “New era”, or “Spring”. We hope the below will help you understanding better why this word is so important to us…

With more than 15 years of experience in mining and trading of metals and agro commodities within big trading houses, we have been able to develop an extensive network throughout Asia, Latin America and Africa. We have decided to bring a new vision in trading, with a much more transparent approach in a world of easily accessible information: Indeed, it is because we are confident in our ability to add value to each of our suppliers and customers, from source to mill, that we believe in long-term partnerships.

We have a proven track record of provided solutions and successful trades supported by a win/win/win</strong approach.
When we speak about “3 winners” , the third one must be the environment, the future. And we are striving to guarantee a future to each of our trades, through a sustainable approach based on human values, with respect to our planet and its cradle…

We are willing to bring a new wind to commodities trading, to lead a Trading Spring, which would benefit much more to this third winner we mentioned above.
And we wish to do it with acumen, dynamism, innovation, and an essential spirit of openness.

We definitely do look forward to exchanging with you.

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