Held on 30th of July 2020 and facilitated by Colin Rezek, this webinar featured insights from:

  • Ali Houmani (Deputy Head of Lebanese Mission in South Africa)
  • Dr Azar Jammine (Director and Chief Economist at Econometrix and Board Chair of SALCOC)
  • Mark Kalil (Head of Syndicate Africa at Standard Bank and member of the Board of Directors of SALCOC).

The event was a huge success and provided the community with great insight into the markets in Lebanon and South Africa. It also outlined the similarities between the two financial markets. The conversation and insights were not all doom and gloom and showcased the positivity that can come out of the difficult time the world is going through.

The Cedar Oxygen https://cedaroxygen.com/ fund was also mentioned. This fund provides great opportunities for the Lebanese people and will help the country moving forward in its recovery from COVID-19.

Both South African and Lebanon are countries that have battled hard times and risen out from the chaos, and in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have hope that both countries will recover with the help of government initiatives and the community at large.