Tropifrais is an international trading and distribution company specialising in the global trading and distribution of fresh and dry food products.

The Tropifrais vision is to help people to discover Lebanon, South Africa, Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands through the flavours and riches of these countries by promoting and facilitating international trade between Lebanon and these countries.

These exchanges are not just in the food industry, but also include the exchange of cultural knowledge and understanding.

Tropifrais will also, in the near future, be opening a branch in Lebanon to further facilitate trade activities between Lebanon and the rest of the regions in which Tropifrais operates.

Tropifrais’ main export activities currently entail the export of fruits and vegetables from South Africa to Lebanon and other African countries. They do their utmost to guide their customers in their choices so that they obtain the best products at the best prices, always remaining sensitive to the various regional economic challenges since the countries to which they export may have limited purchasing power.

Tropifrais’ main import source is Lebanon. With the current crisis in Lebanon, Tropifrais aims to promote all types of Lebanese products for import into South Africa and into the Southern African region.

Tropifrais proudly imports the Al Wadi Al Akhdar range of authentic Lebanese delights, available through selected Food Lover’s Market stores in major centres.

The Tropifrais team is fluent in French, English, Arabic, Portuguese and Woloof ( a Senegalese dialect) and brings together businesses that would like to invest in other African countries, helping them navigate the complex import/export landscape.

Laila Slim and the Tropifrais team look forward to helping the members of SALCOC further their business relationships.